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Running an IT company as we do, we depend on a staff of experts in their fields, and could not bring our services to market without them. Each manager listed here has contributed greatly to the development and growth of this company. Their Team Members have contributed just as much but space is limited so we cannot include everyone’s name; but they’re all important. Although there are many more not mentioned, the following are noteworthy for their significant contributions, both past and present, to our company and the unique technology we bring to the market place:



Randy Albalate, Call Center Manager & Philippines Sales Manager: Mr. Albalate joined the company full time in June 2012 and manages all aspects of our Morong, Rizal call center, plus Philippines sales.

Marvin Dela Cruz, Support Team Leader: Mr. Dela Cruz is our hardware specialist who manages the computer network at the Morong call center. He also serves as Team Leader for Support Reps who provide technical support for Clients and Customers.

Cai Xun (China): Designer of the original GlobalTmail™ website.

Raj KC (Nepal): VoIP, PBX, dialer systems, CRM, network management. Manages GroupCaller functions.

Rama and Vekatesh (India): Development team of about 15 engineers is responsible for VoiFone™ browser, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile systems.

Kalpesh (India): His team of 15 developers has provided our CRM technology plus ongoing support and upgrades.

Nestor Tolentino(Philippines): Mr. Tolentino is our Creative Director/Web Wizard – responsible for the design, SEO, SMM and other IT functions that present on our professional image to the public.

Ahmed (India): Ahmed and his team of more than 20 professional engineers created and maintain the entire MLM back office structure, including ecommerce and servers hosting the system.

Network Engineers At Limestone Data Center: The dedicated staff at this state-of-the-art data center keeps our network servers up and running around the clock to serve our customers without any down time since the day we started with them. Fast
deployment of new servers enables us to rapidly expand our server farm to meet whatever growth is required by new customers and Associates joining us around the world.

RICHARD GAUSTAD, CEO and Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Gaustad is the creator of the GlobalTmail™ concept, and serves as the CEO and a Director for GlobalTmail USA, Inc. Mr. Gaustad also served as Systems Analyst for ComTech Marketing, LLC (the original owner of the tradename GlobalTmail™) and has been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing our services in collaboration with Jeff Wilson, the CIO. He had a lengthy career as an entrepreneur, having founded a number of companies including 2 commercial finance firms, one MLM company and two distributorships of commercial grade long-life light bulbs, trash bags and other consumer products. These enterprises were also started with little or no capital and grew into organizations grossing from $1 million to $2.5 million in monthly sales. He has managed as many as 425 employees at one time with over 50,000 distributors in a single company. Mr. Gaustad has a strong background in direct marketing, automated Interacted Voice Response computer systems, and Internet technology business solutions. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Utah State University in 1974, and has two adult children in their 20’s.
Mr. Gaustad’s 40 years of entrepreneurial experience have given him rich experience in both success and failure which brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to this company.


SCOTT H. COOMBS, President and Member of the Board of Directors

Scott Coombs graduated from Arizona State University Law School in 1981. He is an Arizona Attorney with an active bankruptcy legal
practice in Mesa, Arizona. He also serves as the Director of one of the corporate owners of ComTech Marketing, LLC dba GlobalTmail. Mr. Coombs represented Mr. Gaustad, creator of the GlobalTmail™ concept, in various business ventures since 1984. He recognized the GTM concept as an important new idea in-business and personal communications, and served as General Manager from the inception of ComTech Marketing, LLC dba GlobalTmail until the beginning of 2009, when Mr. Jeffery Wilson assumed those duties. Mr. Coombs served as a law clerk in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Phoenix, Arizona Division to the Honorable Vincent Maggiore in 1982. He has been practicing law for more than 30 years. He is in good standing with the Arizona state bar, meaning he is not disciplined or suspended. The majority of Mr. Coombs practice is bankruptcy, but he also does general business, personal injury, probate and incorporation. He represents both individuals and businesses in liquidation and reorganizations. He also does some creditor collection work. Mr. Coombs brings a wealth of business and legal knowledge and experience to our firm.

JEFFERY D. WILSON, Secretary/Treasurer, CIO, Member of the Board of Directors (aka “The Grand Wizard”)

Mr. Wilson has created the technical design for many services offered by GlobalTmail™ including the Talking Search Engine™, GroupCaller™ and others. He has personally done much of the programming for our proprietary Targeted Matching™ System, GroupCaller™ and 1 to 1 Matching™. In addition, he created the original software that for our first entire MLM commission and bonus system which was in use between 2007 and 2013. He currently serves the corporation in addition to the managing LLC (GlobalTmail USA, LLC) as the CIO for both companies in addition to managing our staff of programmers and designers. Mr. Wilson’s programming staff is busy and growing continually. Jeff Wilson lives in Utah with his wife and two children, also serves as one of the top programmers for a large telecommunications billing and technology firm based in New York, and graduated Summa Cum Laude, having a 4.0 GPA and a double major in Computer Science and Marketing.

JOSE YASUL, Member of the Board of Directors

Joe Yasul was born and raised in the Philippines. He holds dual American and Philippine citizenship and had a lengthy career as an Electrical Engineer with Bechtel Corporation, spanning some 30 years with one company. During that time he held the positions of Senior Electrical Engineer, Senior Electrical Field Engineer, and Electrical Engineer and spent many years in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia. He was in charge of design and engineering of projects, supervised electrical design engineers and managed field construction. He has lived and worked in the Philippines, California, Florida, Canada and the Middle East. Some noteworthy projects on which he managed and supervised the electrical construction were the Jubail Project in Saudi Arabia, the Mountain View Power Plant in San Bernardino, CA, the CNG Plang Project in Das Island, UAE, the Refinery and Field Treatment Center in Kuwait, the Launching Complex (LC40) for Titan Rockets in Cape Canaveral AFB, FL, the Nuclear Waste Processing Facility in Savannah, FL, the Grand Base Free Electron Laser Facility in San Francisco, CA, the Uranium Recycle Assembly Nuclear Fuel Operation in San Francisco, CA, the Chervon Refinery Facility in Richmond, CA, the Syncrude Plant in Alberta, Canada, The Chevron Rehabilitation in Byrnaby, British Columbia, Canada and many others. In addition to the lengthy career with Bechtel, Mr. Yasul also worked for Brillias, Pir Rosier & Alves (Santa Ana, CA), Archer Spencer Engineering Associates in Santa Barbara, CA, Electrical Design LTD in Alberta Canada and Manila Electric Company in Manila, Philippines. Mr. Yasul is also a real estate investor with properties in the USA and Philippines. With such a broad business, professional, technical and international background, Mr. Yasul brings a wealth of business, life and management experience to the company.

MELANIE KIGHTLINGER, Member of the Board of Directors

Maria Melanie Go Kightlinger graduated from De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines) in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, major in Business Management. Her father is a Chinese businessman who raised his family in the Philippines. As she grew up, she had hands-on training in several family businesses from the time she was a young girl. Her parents have been in various businesses, such as, farming, rice mills, transportation and gas stations. After graduating, she worked as a marketing specialist in a bank for about four years where she was introduced to the insurance industry.

She represented and sold policies of life insurance for Sunlife of Canada and received recognitions and awards from the company for being a top sales agent. She also recruited, trained, and developed agents and unit managers who became the top producers of a multi-national company. As a manager she always maintained sales production greater than the performance targets related to new business premium income and persistency above the requirements set by the company. She qualified and attended various International Conventions. As an entrepreneur, she owned and developed a subdivision project that started from nothing and was able to help low income government employees to own a house. She also owned M&G Foodworks, Inc. and started, operated and sold a high-end restaurant in the Philippines which is still in operation today, all prior to immigrating (legally!) to the United States. She started as a sales associate for GlobalTMail in 2008 became the first fully qualified Executive Director under the company’s official Compensation Plan.

JEFFREY R. LEWIS, Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Lewis had a lengthy career as a promoter of major entertainers for universities, colleges and other venues. In addition to promoting concerts, he also managed some of the acts. During this career, he promoted and/or managed such acts as The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and most of the other MoTown acts. Mr. Lewis was partly responsible for the black entertainers’ new-found right to go through the front door instead of the back door of the many venues across the nation. In connection with this, he also wrote a book entitled “Civil Rights” and promoted it on TV and radio. Mr. Lewis also worked for his father in a number of multi-million dollar companies in various

The variety of industries included importing jeans sold to all the major dept stores, innovations in the plastics industry, sold women’s boots for rain, and manufactured “hem facing”. He was a consultant for major department stores regarding the importation of goods from foreign countries and also imported furniture and sold it to the major department stores. Mr. Lewis has about 30 years experience in all kinds of retailing, including consulting with formal wear stores. He did a substantial amount of business in the tuxedo rental industry. In addition to his vast experience as a major entertainment act promoter, a retail industry consultant and operator, he is also an active real estate investor, owning and manages a portfolio of single family units.

DAVE PFLUM, Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Pflum has a lifetime of entrepreneurial business experience and brings his wisdom to the top management of this company. The seed capital arranged for by Mr. Pflum is directly responsible for the initial development of our software and systems.

David Pflum has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton (OH) which was obtained in 1968, and an Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology from the same school. Dave served in the military and received an honorable discharge after which he worked for Associated Spring in Dayton, OH as a Spring Design Engineer from 1968 to 1975. This was followed by working as the “Hot Wound Manufacturing Manager” and Quality Control for Betts Spring Company in San Leandro, CA from 1975 to 1978. After this experience, Mr. Pflum founded his own spring company which was originally known as “Coil Spring Specialties” in Concord California and St. Marys, KS.

He operated this company successfully for more than 30 years from 1975
to 2006, at which time his son took over active management of the company. Coil Spring Specialties is still in business and operating successfully in St. Marys, Kansas. In addition to the foregoing, Mr. Pflum holds a Nuclear Component Engineering and Manufacturing Certificate for Coil Spring Design and Manufacturing for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders.

Mr. Pflum has spent many years with the City Planning Commission in St. Marys, Kansas and has also served as the Chairperson of the committee. He is married to Patricia Pflum and lives in St. Marys near his son and his son’s family. Mr. Pflum has also been an active real estate investor focused on remodeling and new construction for 32 years, starting in 1978.