About Us


About Us

Last updated July 22, 2015

Mission Statement

To become the most widely used wholesale bulk SMS and VoIP services provider  for Philippines-based call centers and the low-cost leader for consumer International telecom services, while vertically integrating to be the worldwide leader for high-quality yet low-cost commercial voice broadcast and discounted consumer International Long Distance and IM/OTT services.

Who and Where We Are

Our main office is in a a rural town in Northern Utah, USA called “Tooele” (pronounce it “too-EL-ah”); it’s about 20 miles West of Salt Lake City, Utah, and just South of The Great Salt Lake. The core of this company was formed in 2002 to build, sell and support automated dialing equipment.  Development on our current technology started in March 2006. Beta versions were first released in 2011 and have been under constant revision, testing and use since then. Many more applications are planned, with the same general theme of better and cheaper communications for home and business use.

What We Do

We provide a worldwide communications platforms that bring all the most common tools of modern, direct two-way communications together in a single application suite designed for both business and personal use. The services we deliver are  bulk SMS, International phone service, and wholesale VoIP termination services  All services are available in most countries.