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Robust FeaturesVoifoneSMS provides the most robust feature-rich platform with all features activated for every client, from smallest to largest.

Reach more than 220 CountriesCoverage includes most countries. Caller ID is a random USA phone number

Best PricingUltra-competitive pricing. No license fees. Pay only for messages you need.

Personalized Service1-on-1 training plus help in creating customized campaigns.

Responsive CampaignsSuperior customer service, talk to real people and receive the assistance for successful campaigns to fit any business.

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VoifoneSMS Features

So Many Campaign Types!

SMS is the most powerful and responsive method of contacting people in the history of advertising. If you don't use it, you should!

Reminder System

Use our simple, elegant and sophisticated scheduler to send your messages at the exact time you need, one-at-a-time or in bulk.

Sophisticated Analytics

Our analytics are second-to-none with heat maps to show recipient locations, pie and bar graphs, lists, logs and so much more.

International Coverage

Reach almost every country on earth with our International and wholesale services. We have the best rates for for International "long-code" text messaging anywhere.

Best Prices

There's no licensing or signup fees. Just register, load your account and start sending. Our Do-It-Yourself system is fantastic for every individual, company and organization of any size.

Political Bulk SMS

Governments & politicians can contact their constituents, voters, organizations and others more efficiently than ever before.


Learn something new

Can I buy cell phone lists?

Most developed countries have strict laws against “spamming” text messages to cell phones, so in many countries the answer is “no.”  You must have your own list of people who opted into your distribution list.  Some countries, like the Philippines, do not have such restrictions.  Other countries, have exemptions, such as political messages in the USA.  If you’re in the Philippines and want to buy cell phone lists, get a quote by using this form:


What's the minimum/maximum number of messages for a campaign?

There are no minimums or maximums. 


What's the Caller ID associated with my message?

“It’s a random USA-based phone number.  Almost all cell phone carriers restrict discounted bulk SMS carriers like us from sending caller ID unless it goes through a “direct route” (ie directly through their system).  We can do this, but only with individual one-on-one messaging, not bulk messaging (which defeats the purpose of bulk SMS).  The work-around is to use the first several characters of the message to identify yourself.  (Yes, it works well!) 


What is VoifoneSMS?

This is the name of our bulk  SMS services. We’re a cloud-based SMS platform delivering bulk SMS to the USA and most of the world.   Mobile Marketing and text message marketing (as it’s sometimes called) has proven to be “the best” in terms of response rates of any media.  If you want to promote more and get better response to your communications with those who matter to you – you NEED VoifoneSMS!


Can I schedule my SMS deliveries?

Yes.  The Alpha Route International System has a built-in scheduling system that allows you to schedule one message or an entire campaign.  It’s great for all kinds of reminders and announcements, either one-at-a-time or in bulk.


What are the Benefits of using VoifoneSMS?

High read and response rates.   This website is filled with a wealth of information to answer this question!